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Review:7 Siri Taste of Sri Lanka, Sandringham

Address: 580 Sandringham Rd, Sandringham

Phone: (09) 8496294

Cuisine: Sri Lankan   

By Nici Wickes

5:30 AM Friday May 25, 2012

The New Zealand Herald

 What a relief when I stumbled upon 7 Siri Taste of Sri Lanka. It's easy in this job to be constantly lured by the latest opening and to find yourself drifting towards the mid-to-upper end of the restaurant market in the quest to report on Auckland's best eating out options, when in fact those at the other end of the spectrum are just as likely to provide the richest eating experiences.
Peter Calder: Tastes of homes

7 Siri - Taste of Sri Lanka

Address: 580 Sandringham Rd Sandringham 

Ph:(09) 849 6294 

By Peter Calder

11:08 AM Sunday Nov 3, 2013

The New Zealand Herald




I shouldn't have taken the Irishman. But the Irishman should have told me before we sat down that he doesn't like chilli.

  "I don't mind a little bit," he said, but he went pale when I told the man taking our orders (who is also the owner and the chef; it's that kind of place) that I wanted "Kiwi hot". (He reminded me of that wonderful skit in the British comedy show Goodness Gracious Me in which the Indian man ordering food in an English restaurant asks the waiter for "something very bland but not completely tasteless".)